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Are You a New Realtor? You Need Leesburg Property Management

Posted by Gunn Property Services on Aug 6, 2020 7:30:00 AM

Whether you just moved here from out of town, or you're a newly-minted, local real estate agent, getting started requires putting in some substantial legwork in the community. Luckily, establishing your reputation from the beginning will help a lot: keeping your word, offering excellent service, and knowing your market will all help get and retain clients.

As an expert Leesburg property management company, we know that working hand-in-hand with the real estate sales industry benefits us both! We're always on the lookout for new real estate agents working here in Leesburg that we'd like to work with. Your success often equals our success, so we've put together some tips that will help you get started and find success here in Leesburg, FL!

Network Formally With Industry Professionals

When you have the opportunity to join a significant business networking association, it is well worth the costs. You'll meet new people, but you'll also become better equipped to answer questions from your other clients since you'll know more about the professionals in your area. When a client asks about an excellent HVAC repair company in your area, for instance, you may remember the owners of a company from your networking organization, smoothing a connection and helping to ensure that they get excellent service.

You'll also get a better idea of how the real estate industry, in particular, works in our part of Florida. Every community is unique, so when you start working as a real estate agent, you have to figure out who the major players are in your industry, as well as all the essential connected industries, from title agencies to Leesburg property management professionals.

You'll see that getting to know individual people is helpful, but getting to know the kinds of traits that create success in your market is even more useful down the line. 

Get Involved With Your Community

While you can focus on actual business networking, general networking (even with people who aren't in business) is also valuable. Why would that be? Everyone has to have somewhere to live, and you'll find that people put two and two together when they hear you are a real estate agent.

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They may like you as a person because they met you at a club or volunteering event, and they need someone they trust to sell or buy a home. Real estate agents get a surprising amount of word-of-mouth advertising, so just being well-known and well-liked is helpful. Consider: is there a religious organization, volunteer group, sports team, or other leisure activity that you can do that puts you into conversation with many different people? You get to have fun while also promoting your business!

Join a Realtor Referral Program

One persistent challenge in the real estate world is connecting the dots: making sure that the right client has the right real estate agent in their network when the time comes to make a transaction.

Leesburg property management can be a fantastic source of referrals; they work with investment property owners who frequently need real estate deals brokered. It only makes sense to connect the other way as well: if you work with a real estate client who also mentions needing property management services, you want them to have a trusted connection. It makes you look good if they find the right property management provider because of you! What's even better is that, through Gunn Property Services, qualified referrals that result in new business will generate a bonus for you, making the program lucrative. 

Satisfied Senior Couple Making Sale Purchase Deal

We believe we offer quality services here at Gunn Property Services, so we think that our positive reputation will reflect well upon you if you refer your clients to us. They get great experiences in real estate with you, a significant value from property management with us, and we both save time and energy in our business growth through our connection. There's a lot of wins to be had!

Follow up With Early Clients for Word-Of-Mouth Advertising

One last valuable step is to make sure you don't discount your first few sales. When you sell someone's home or help them purchase one, keep in touch with those clients. Let them know that you are still open to new clients and would welcome any feedback from them as well as them passing along your information to their friends and family. If you wow those first few clients, you've done a big part of the work to gain the success you seek. 

The journey to becoming a successful real estate agent can come with its challenges, but with the right connections, you can be set up for a path to great results. Join the Gunn Property Services Realtor Referral Program today to take advantage of connections to professional Leesburg property management to help clients find the exact services they need right now!

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