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Realtors: What Kind of Leesburg Property Management Should You Choose?

Posted by Gunn Property Services on Jul 23, 2020 7:15:00 AM

As a Realtor, you may have realized you want a reliable partner, someone who can be responsive and knowledgeable in all things Leesburg property management so that you can better serve your clients! Leesburg has property managers to help you—but how do you pick which one is right for your needs?

The modern property landscape is a bit more complicated for your investing clients than it was a decade or two ago. However, you can still evaluate carefully and make a great decision based on how you want to grow as a broker! Here are some of the qualities that you should find before selecting a property manager to be your partner.

Professionalism Is Key

The first thing to notice when evaluating a property management partner is to see how professionally they are operating. You can tell a lot by everything from the state of the office, the demeanor on the phone or in email, or how readily they can answer your questions.

While some of these things seem like they'd be true everywhere, you might be surprised! You'd think a messy office or a stressed-out representative shouldn't be a deal-breaker (especially knowing how hard you work as a Realtor!), but remember that you will recommend this person directly to your investing clients!

If they are stressed-out by the everyday circumstances around your meeting, they may also be stressed out and disorganized during their work with the investors you send their way. That can leave a bad impression on your skills as a Realtor down the line. Your partner needs to be as professional as you are under pressure!

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Attention to Detail Confirms Their Dedication

Everything from the clarity and sharp look of the marketing materials they create to how up-to-date their website is can be a factor. You want a Leesburg property management company that doesn't forget to get the little things right.

The property owners you serve will almost always be looking for someone to handle maintenance requests, and repairs need to be handled promptly, with clear communication. These are details that cannot be swept under the rug! Find a property management company that will show you in their early interactions that they care enough about the small stuff to be trusted with the significant responsibilities.

Online Presence Is Vital in Modern Times

Speaking of attention to detail, some of that attention should be put into the online infrastructure of any Leesburg property management company! You know just how much business you generate online as a Realtor, and you want your clients to be able to find your recommendation online when they do a search. A professional website that contains accurate information is vital.

Most great property management companies will also have online portals of some kind for sending announcements, collecting rent, and submitting work requests. One of the major advantages of signing up for property management in the first place is that they can streamline rent collection and work orders using such a system. Make sure that this system isn't an afterthought or unevenly used. You want a fully digital-equipped property management team to partner with before you ever recommend them to investors!

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Let References Be Your Guide!

Another important way to distinguish good property management from great property management is to talk to current clients or take a look at their feedback! Companies that are confident in their abilities will be happy to refer you to a few individuals who can tell you about what it is like to partner with them. You can ask them about a variety of issues, including:

  • How good are the repair and maintenance vendors they use?
  • How thoroughly do they market listings to serve their property owners?
  • What screenings or background checks do they use to protect each investment?
  • What is their frequency and style of communication? Do they prefer hands-on or hands-off?

You may have your own questions as a Realtor, but a property owner that works with this property management company can level with you and let you know what the situation has been like. A few stellar references can be the solid final step when you think you have found the right company to work with. 

Start With Someone You Trust!

Integrity is one of the most valuable qualities you can find in a person, and this is even more true of a property management company. If you find that a company has been misrepresenting something or outright overstating the truth, you may not be able to trust them long-term to truly serve the clients you send their way. The last thing you want is a property management company who will go back on their word! This usually means the loss of a future sale or new purchase when the client you referred decides to buy or sell properties in their portfolio.

During these tough times, it can be hard to feel like trusting anyone but yourself. However, your judgment is at the core of a choice to hire a property manager! Finding the right team is all about professionalism, attention to detail, landlord references, and honesty. Once you've checked those boxes, you've got a great chance to expand on the services you offer as Realtor and make them even more valuable over time by partnering with great property management.

If you're a Realtor interested in taking your skills to the next level, get in touch with us today to see why Gunn Property Services is the best option for your brokerage!

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