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How Leesburg Property Management Handles Difficult Tenants for Clients

Posted by Gunn Property Services on Jul 16, 2020 7:30:00 AM

If you're a Realtor who happens to serve budding property investors, you're not likely to ever counter a difficult renter firsthand. While most tenants that your clients encounter will be excellent renters who make owning and purchasing a rental property in Leesburg a joy; a small percentage of tenants turn out to be complicated. It's these very renters who can make your clients reconsider whether they want to continue growing their portfolio—which ultimately affects you as their agent.

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Thankfully, there's a solution you can offer your clients: professional Leesburg property management. Property management professionals know that difficult tenants as those who refuse to pay rent, cause disruptions, or damage property consistently during their stay. They can also be tenants who refuse to abide by generally established norms or to engage civilly with your client after moving into their investment property.

If you find yourself working with a client who is considering throwing in the investing towel completely due to their bad experiences with renters, here are some of the ways that partnering with property management as a Realtor can provide your clients access to continued growth.

Property Managers Are Patience Professionals

While there are tenants who will be difficult, no matter what, there are also tenants who just need a little understanding to get through a rough patch. For this reason, it's always best to err on the side of patience and calm during initial and even subsequent interactions over a dispute. However, for many property owners, this can quickly get the best of them.

Pointing your clients towards professional Leesburg property management as a real estate agent ensures your clients will get access to the kind of guidance and support they need to manage difficult situations with their renters from the start. Not only does this mean peace of mind for the property investors you serve, but it means a professional approach to these interactions with their renters as well.

This kind of buffer between your clients and their renters is crucial to maintaining a successful investment portfolio.

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Property Managers Are a Professional Buffer

If you've never invested in property as a Realtor, you may consider it normal to simply rent your properties to friends and family—a little generosity never hurt anyone, especially within a family, right? Unfortunately, this is one of the riskiest moves your clients can make when choosing their next tenant.

Most people who rent to friends or family do manage to maintain both the rental relationship and the personal relationship, but it's a significant risk to tie these two aspects together. No one wants to burn a bridge with family members because they turned out to be disrespectful tenants—and sadly, this does happen. 

In the same way, once your clients have a non-friend, non-family-member renting one of their properties, it's best not to interact with them too casually. The informality of friendship can cloud the necessary mechanism of a rental business, such as rent collection and the expectations for behavior in the rental.

Recommending professional Leesburg property management services to your clients ensures:

  • They'll have the screening services they need to place the best possible renter in their properties
  • They'll be able to add new properties (with your help) successfully to their portfolio
  • They'll have a professional buffer between them and their renters.

All of this ends up benefitting you as a Realtor: you recommend the best property management, your client continues to grow their portfolio, and they stay a satisfied landlord that boosts your reputation!

Property Managers Help Landlords Dodge "Professional Tenants"

The kind of tenant who games the system is sometimes referred to in property management circles as a "Professional Tenant." These are tenants who have developed strategies for paying as little rent as possible because they know how their rights create loopholes through which they can get a place to live without paying correctly. These kinds of renters can quickly leave property investors looking to offload their entire portfolio—which means that after the sale, you've lost a long-term client.

When your clients encounter a renter like this, having a trusted Leesburg property management professional already on call with a reference from their reliable real estate agent sets them up for success—rather than disappointing failure. Plus, when you refer an excellent property management provider like Gunn Property Services whenever your clients are ready to onboard a new property, you shelter them from the risks of a Professional Tenant from the start.

Property Managers Protect Your Clients!

If you want to retain your long-term clients, enhance their overall satisfaction with your services, and boost your reputation, you need to partner with the right property manager! The easiest way to do this is to protect your clients by referring them to our exceptional property management services.

At Gunn Property Services, we will never "poach" one of your clients. Whenever a property owner you referred to us is ready to make a sale or purchase their next property, we refer them back to you! We even offer a $350.00 referral bonus to any licensed agent referring clients to us that sign up for Leesburg property management services. If the property owner has more then one property, we will pay you an additional $100.00 for each additional property!

Remember that full-service property management shepherds your clients through even the most difficult situations a property investor can face—like eviction or tenant disputes. Having a property manager in your corner means you have nothing to lose—and everything to gain!

Ready to work with a reliable Leesburg property management partner? Then you're ready to contact Gunn Property Services!

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