Owner FAQ

Answers to your common questions

Do you offer direct Deposit?
Yes we offer direct deposits, your monthly draw will be deposited directly into your bank account. E-payments can be set up via the owner’s portal or by calling our office.

Do you up charge maintenance costs or charge a supervision fee?
No we pass on all savings or discounts from vendors directly to you. We also have on staff highly trained maintenance technicians to help keep costs down, cut lead times for repairs and provide high quality work.

How much money do you hold in reserve?
We do not hold any money in reserve. If there are any bills to be paid on your behalf we will pay them from the rent. If the property is vacant or balance exceeds rent additional funds will be requested.

How much will my property rent for?
Call or email us today to request a free rental analysis.

I am ready to sign up what is the next step?
The process is simple call or email us today and request a New Owner Packet. All documents can be sent by email or DocuSign for your review and signature.

What are your fees?
We have a simple fee structure with no sign up fees, processing fees, administrative fees or cancellation fees. Our fees consist of a management fee of 10% of rent collected and a leasing fee of half of one month’s rent to find new tenants.

When will I receive my Money?
Owner draws are processed monthly on the 10th of the month or the last business day. Your Preference.

Will you manage a property that is already occupied?
Yes, we will take over properties currently occupied previously managed by you or another management company.