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Providing Leesburg Property Management Services as a Realtor

Posted by Gunn Property Services on Jul 9, 2020 7:30:00 AM

If you've ever worked with property investors as a Realtor, you know firsthand how landlords who love their work often get excited and start buying more properties, finding more tenants, and generally expanding. This is an exciting time in the growth of your business as a real estate agent, but it has likely also created questions you haven't been able to answer for your clients.

In particular, you may have gotten inquiries about Leesburg property management services that you don't personally offer at your brokerage. This is probably why you're here reading this blog! If you've been considering partnering with a Leesburg property manager, we offer some good points to consider for those still on the fence.

We know that partnering with a property manager is a big deal for any Realtor: your reputation is on the line! This makes finding the right property management partner crucial for the success of your brokerage. The following points should help you confidently partner with a property manager for the future if you're ready to bring your client offerings to the next level.

Realtor Showing Couple New HouseConsider Where Your Clients Live

One of the biggest reasons to suggest the right property manager is when you're working with clients who live somewhere else outside of Leesburg. Florida is an attractive place to invest, and as a Realtor, you should be able to handle out-of-state business confidently.

Knowing an excellent provider of Leesburg property management services is a great way to amplify your skills as a real estate agent when fielding specialist investors. Not only do you make it easier for them to invest, but you create the potential for repeat business by outpacing the competition in what you can offer.

  • The right property management partner will not only specialize in property management; they will also never seek to "poach" a client from you when they decide to terminate property management services.
  • Look for a property management partner who is happy to provide for your clients until they decide to sell or buy again. When it's time to expand or contract their business, your property management pick should refer these clients back to you.

Do Your Clients Plan to Grow?

Another factor to consider is the expansion plans of the property investors you serve. Those who get one or two properties and stop there may have ample time to handle the demands of DIY property management. However, if your clients enjoy the process of finding, potentially renovating, and launching new rental properties, you'll want to be able to aid them in finding new investments. The more homes they find and purchase, the more work they'll have on the day-to-day side of keeping up with tenants' needs.

This day-to-day work is precisely what Leesburg property management services are designed to handle! Your clients can keep their broad vision for the future and rely on you to do what you do best: find their next best investment property! Meanwhile, your property management partner will be able to oversee the daily details of each new rental property.

Being able to offer these kinds of services as an extension of your brokerage enhances your professional image and assures your clients that you'll be able to help them continue to grow. If you've been looking for a way to establish yourself as an expert Realtor, this is it!

Do They Have Time to Be a Landlord?

Many people take on the work of being a landlord around other commitments, whether that be a full-time job they work or the "commitments" of retirement, which could include traveling or caregiving responsibilities. There are certainly folks who opt to make landlord work their full-time job. However, any investor knows that responsibility grows alongside your business, and without the proper support, they may avoid further investments.

You may be surprised by how much time a property manager frees up for your clients! Property investors no longer need to be on-demand to enjoy the benefits of a successful rental property. The property management company you partner with should be able to handle many of the requests and needs that arise in the course of rental ownership.

This allows you to spend more time helping your clients grow their business and legitimately enjoy the prospect of retirement! Property managers make it much easier to scale back the "work" of being a landlord while letting you gain credibility as a diverse Realtor. You will have a partner that can handle the questions you can't answer, letting you do what you do best!

Estate-agent stood with client outside houseYou Can Recommend a Property Manager at Any Stage of Growth!

Many real estate agents assume you have to be working with institutional investors with dozens of properties before property management makes sense. However, even small-scale landlords with one or two properties can benefit from property management! Consider this: you may have a client who is on the fence about a sale. Suggesting property management allows them to keep earning from their property until they're ready to put it back on the market—and you look like a hero.

Let Gunn Property Services be your resource when you realize that a property manager is what you need to expand your brokerage! We even offer a $350.00 referral bonus to any licensed agent referring clients to us that sign up for Leesburg property management services. If the property owner has more then one property, we will pay you an additional $100.00 for each additional property! Plus, we stand by our word: we GUARANTEE to return the referred client back to the referring Realtor when that client decides to sell—or grow—their portfolio. You'll never have to worry when you partner with us!

Remember that full-service property management shepherds your clients through the marketing stage, tenant-screening phase, daily maintenance and repairs, and even difficult situations like eviction or tenant disputes. Having a property manager in your corner means you have nothing to lose—and everything to gain!

Ready to work with a reliable Leesburg property management partner? Contact Gunn Property Services today!

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