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The Benefits of Property Managers | Leesburg Property Management Tips

Posted by Gunn Property Services on Jul 2, 2020 7:30:00 AM

During challenging financial moments, it can be tempting to try to do everything yourself—it may feel as if you are the only person you can count on. However, despite this being a natural impulse, challenging circumstances are often an excellent time to find partners and collaborators! In particular, many landlords find that experienced Leesburg property management can help them allocate their time well during a crisis or difficult moment.

While looping in a property manager seems to cost money at the outset, the benefits gained in marketing and managing your rental property far outweigh the costs. Remember that marketing can be effective without being flashy: the right marketing team will have actually determined—through extensive research and testing—what methods work to get great tenant applicants. They won't waste your money—or their own—on strategies that are anything less than successful.

You benefit from the time they've spent getting to know the local market and getting to know what marketing venues are available in your area. Here are just a few ways that property managers help you gain a marketing advantage for your rental home—even in a downturn!

African american businessman holding folder and sitting at office deskProspect Lists and Customer Databases

One way that a property manager has an inherent advantage when marketing your properties is the simple fact that they market a lot of properties, and have done so for a while now. They have been compiling lists of great tenants and applicants for a long time, and they can help match those who express interest in the properties they manage with the right home!

For instance, if you are doing your own marketing, you have to wait for the tenants to find you and come to you—unless you are lucky enough to know people who are looking to move. With Leesburg property management services, you benefit from their expertise from start to finish.

If one property has two great applicants, the property manager can encourage the second-best candidate for that location to consider your rental property instead! In this way, a property manager becomes a hub for connection between renters looking for a home and landlords who need to rent a property. 

You also get benefits when it comes to questionable tenants as well. If your new tenant applicant seems great—but the property manager knows them from a negative encounter on a different property—that connection can be very helpful in telling you to find a different tenant. The goal is always to find the right tenant, and property managers can help you move forward with that goal.

Scale the Marketing Efforts With Positive Listings ROI

If you want to place just a few listings onto important local renting sites or in publications, you'll probably pay the market rate for those opportunities. With property management professionals on your side, you benefit in at least two ways:

  1. Your property manager has been tracking ROI on a few different avenues of advertising, and they know the right mix to get you the best amount of applicants for the money.
  2. Your property manager is likely a preferred customer if they buy many listings and advertise frequently. They may get bulk discounts that you couldn't access as a single landlord.

Without compromising on the quality in any way, this marketing strategy through your property manager saves everyone involved quite a bit of money. Your property manager has access to economies of scale, but still delivers the kind of service you need to be satisfied.

Portrait of smiling multiethnic photographers looking at portfolio together in studioPractice Makes Perfect With Listing Photos and Descriptions

There are certainly landlords who come to the business with photography experience or a knack for quickly and clearly describing a property. However, for most of us, this skill takes years to develop. After all, renters are reading and looking over photographs very quickly, waiting for something to grab their interest. Property managers work hard to create memorable photos and descriptions that will make a potential applicant pause and consider their listing.

During any crisis that forces people to search for and view rentals from the comfort of their couch, it's essential that you are able to accurately represent how excellent your Leesburg rental really is! While you might eventually get the experience you need to become a pro photographer or wordsmith, why add this stress on top of wider financial uncertainty?

A property manager helps you get the highest quality listings without expending the energy to become a specialized, listings-writing expert. 

Work With a Great Property Management Company: Reach Out Today!

Gunn Property Services prides itself in understanding this market and making the applicant selection process easy for our landlords. We know that the fear of long vacancy times is real, which is why we work diligently as your Leesburg property management partner to get a tenant into your property quickly.

However, we don't compromise on our standards either, and stick with our rigorous tenant screening policies. We see which marketing methods are working best and focus on those, rather than putting money into advertising venues that never yield any applicants. 

Ready to see how marketing can be easier for you through working with us? Contact Gunn Property Services today!

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